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Interactive Car Dashboards

Develop new revenue streams and expand your brand’s reach. Enjoy granular metadata control and targeted content.

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Advanced Features

Profanity restrictions and capitalization casing adjustments for the song title and artist. 

Live View

See at what your stations are currently displaying from anywhere in the world, in realtime.

Station-Specific Settings

View a list of stations owned by the customer and configure a different Campaign for each station or one Campaign for multiple stations. 

AudioDisplay allows your organization to develop new revenue streams, by allowing granular management of text and image advertising content delivered in sync with your audio.

RDS and HD Radio advertising campaigns run whenever an ad break is on air. With each campaign supporting technology-specific content, use a short punchy message for RDS receivers and something a little more detailed for HD Radio, and include an image.

You’re in complete control of your campaigns and content with changes taking place immediately. An Account Executive in the field can create or change a campaign while they’re with a client and see an immediate impact the next time an ad break plays. With AudioDisplay’s detailed user rights management, campaigns can require approval by traffic management before airing.

Campaigns are scheduled to one minute granularity and when multiple stations across time zones are targeted, they can run to a specific or per-station time zone. Priority settings allow overlapping campaigns to automatically prioritize based on your needs.

AudioDisplay knows how long a break is. Even when a break is not followed by new data such as song artist & title, advertising is automatically replaced by station or show branding always ensuring commercial content stays where it belongs.

AudioDisplay is also segment aware. Configure all your programming segments or shows to generate a schedule for each of your channels to control the messaging delivered during that time, allowing for segment sponsorships to take place alongside, or independently of, on-air activity.

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